Digital Flyer

Using digital flyers can help your products to be seen and stand out from others. The help of colorful designs, interesting sentences, or even using unique shapes or techniques will help you reach your goals. Digital flyer is a fast way to increase your brand awareness.

Video Production/TVC

Different types of video production can be done to promote your brand. All of them require steps:

  • Pre Production, where all planning and coordination take place
  • Production, when you capture all the elements that will be in your final video
  • Editing, where all elements can be edited together and combined to make the final video

Social Media Campaign

Social media are nowadays very powerful advertising media as it has 3.2 billion users, which is 42% of the global population. Using social media in a smart way with a good strategy will increase your brand awareness and sell. Creating videos, photos, content to promote your products easily is our work to maintain and get new customers.

Media Placement

We provide you a strategic place where you can put your campaign and can be seen from every direction, such as airport, street, indoor, outdoor, and bus.